X-Men Blue #4: One Does Not Simply Get Rid Of The Ultimate Universe


May 29, 2017

X-Men Blue #4 was released on May, 24 and we saw a team of original, time-displaced X-Men finally encounter Jimmy Hudson, the Ultimate Universe refugee whose presence in the Prime Marvel Universe was teased back in issue #1.

It turns out that Miles Morales and villainous Reed Richards a.k.a. the Maker weren’t the only survivors of the Secret Wars events, which, as you know, ended up in the destruction of Multiverse. Turns out that Wolverine’s son from UU has somehow managed to jump back into the current MU. Not only him, but a bunch of old new characters as well, including UU’s Armor, Quicksilver and Mach-II.

What’s interesting, is that in the grand tradition of returning characters, Jimmy Hudson does not have any recollection of how he ended up in the Canadian forests of MU. Though, his team-mates from Earth 1610, the New Marauders,  do and they are also looking for Jimmy. It is hard to predict whether the New Marauders are going to reveal themselves as villains, but the name of their squad doesn’t sound too heroic to me.

It is still unknown how these characters managed to survive the destruction of Earth 1610 but it seems that the Ultimate Universe is tiptoeing its way back into current Marvel Universe. So, now we’ve got dimensionally displaced Old Man Logan, we’ve got Laura a.k.a. X-23 who is a female clone of the original Wolverine, and now we add Jimmy Hudson to roster, Wolverine’s son from Earth 1610. Neat. Guess we will have to see how that endeavor pans out.



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