(Won’t Say How Many) Realistic Tattoos That Are Inspired By Movies


October 3, 2017

Tattoos have become so popular these days that it’s become almost mundane. You can hardly ever see one that would actually leave you awestruck (’cause lets be honest – a lot of them are more of colour book exercise rather than an artwork) . These tattoos, however, will definitely make heads turn because these are inked by amazingly skilled tattoo artists that actually approach tattooing as a task that requires both talent and skill. What is even more amazing about these inks is that they will be a delight to any cinema nerd! It really shows that each of these iconic characters have greatly impacted the lives of people! So much so, that they decided to ink these icons under their skin. Check out these phenomenal artworks and, who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to get inked as well:

Yoda. Ink or ink not, there is no try!

Terminator. Come with me if you want to ink!

Immortan Joe. Do not, my friends, become addicted to ink!

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