Wonder Woman Review: DC Finally Made A Movie That Doesn’t Suck


June 7, 2017

Considering how divisive DC movies have been for critics and fans alike, Warner Bros. desperately needed Wonder Woman to be a good movie. And I want to get it right out of the gate – WB succeeded, Wonder Woman is good; not fantastic and it didn’t reinvent the superhero genre, but it’s good nonetheless. It is a pretty standard origin story and I have to say that a standard origin story is something that’s been missing from DCEU movies. In a desperate attempt to catch up with Marvel’s success, WB made a lot of missteps trying to set up Justice League before introducing all of its members in their respective solo movies (that email cameos in BvS still grind my gears, but that’s a rant for another day). 

Wonder Woman, however, learned from the mistakes of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad as the movie hasn’t left the viewers wanting to slit their wrists after watching the movie. In contrast, Wonder Woman is an inspiring character that sends a powerful message that the world isn’t black or white and there are a lot of grey areas, but love should always prevail, that heroes have to help people no matter what. In fact, her determination to help others is what separates the movie even from the majority of Marvel’s blockbusters where actually saving other people’s lives is somewhat distracting from the battle with the main bad guy.

It is a proper superhero origin story that flashes out what Diana is all about. Probably, the movie won’t be able to avoid comparisons with the First Avengers and it does have a lot of similar beats: there’s a superhero that kicks the shit out of Germans and Diana even has her own “Howling Commandos” knockoff. Diana’s moral compass can’t be compromised, her character is very sincere and innocent despite immense power at her disposal. It may come off as something cheesy, but her honesty and earnestness is what makes her special.

Everyone in the cast does a great job, Chris Pine is amazing, he’s one of the best Chrises in the Hollywood these days, right up there with Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt. David Thewlis who played Ares did a good job. Surprisingly, the God of War has a moustache (even in his ancient times flashbacks) and blends in in the British Parliament real easy. And Robin Wright is simply stunning, I feel like that should be noted as well. 

Overall, Wonder Woman is a solid action flick that gets a little CGI muddy in the third act (these superhero movies all do nowadays), but it was much more condensed than BvS and I didn’t mind it. Wonder Woman gets a definitive score of above average and you should definitely check it out, so far it’s the best DCEU movie!

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