Will Smith’s Next Enemy Is None Other Than Himself


April 27, 2017

Will Smith is going to stand up against himself in the next Sci-Fi movie from Ang Lee (Life of Pi). Well, at least he’s negotiating on taking a part in Ang’s movie, which is called Gemini Man. The movie is going to tell the story of a super-skilled assassin who will have to face off against his clone that is 25 years younger, so a stronger, faster and better-in-every-way version of himself. It would seem that Will Smith is in talks to portray both of these roles. Now that’sa movie I would watch!

Interestingly enough, Gemini Man has been in works since 1997, the first version of the script was developed by Darren Lemke with  Tony Scott as a director. In 20 years, the script has been rewritten again and again by a number of screenwriters; time and time again, the same obstacle stopped the creative team from bringing the movie to life – technological limitations, as until recently it was fairly difficult having two versions of the same person having a proper battle.

In fact, the project goes back so far back, that it’s Harrison Ford who was supposed to initially reprise the role of an aging hitman with, potentially, Chris O’Donnell as his younger version. Didn’t work out though.

This time, Gemini Man project is picked up by Skydance with the great and powerful Jerry Bruckheimer. So, I believe we are expecting a visual masterpiece.

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