Wacky Guardians of the Galaxy Got A Whole Lot Wackier (Or Should I Say Weider)


April 14, 2017

Clearly Aldo Jones does not get as many views as he deserves. The man has been re-editing the trailers for superhero movies to make them super weird, which super funny! If you are not familiar with Aldo’s work, you are highly recommended to subscribe to his YouTube channel and binge-watch the entirety of his weird trailers, you will not regret it. In his newest video, he may have achieved the impossible – GotG is already a wacky space-stuff movie, but Aldo has made the Guardians of the Galaxy team even wackier!

Marvel movies have so many quippy characters, imagine the banter between these two?

Obviously, the presence of Baby Groot requires the addition of Baby Batman!

Check out the full trailer below:


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