Venom #150: Good to Be Back and Bad (or Is It?)


June 1, 2017

The much anticipated Venom #150 is out and oh boy did it not deliver. Comic book readers all over the world has had high hopes for this particular issue, because it promised to reveal the “amazing” story of Eddie Brock‘s reunion with Venom. The results, however, turned out to be quite mediocre and insignificant.

Essentially, the issue contains three stories:

  • Eddie and Venom are trying to make their relationship work
  • A flashback to a time when Venom tried to be a hero in the 90’s
  • And that episode telling how exactly Flash Thompson lost Venom

Unfortunately, by the end of the issue it leaves, the reader, somewhat, disappointed. As a huge fan of Venom, I had anticipated a great twist, an unexpected reveal as to how exactly Flash lost the Symbiote. Well, the reveal was underwhelming to say the least. It turns out that during one of Venom’s fight, he got hurt with some kind of sound gun, and the Symbiote simply runs away. That’s it!

Freed from Flash, the alien organism was crawling around dark alleys and sewers trying to subdue random hobos until it finally bumped into Lee Price. At the same time, Flash Thompson was walking around the sewers with a flashlight looking for the Symbiote and attending a group therapy, learning to live without “a friend”.

If you thought THAT relationship is kind of weird, what until you get to Eddie Brock. Simply put, Eddie’s love to Venom is unconditional, he only feels complete when they are bonded. Obviously, he is in a destructive relationship, ’cause Venom constantly compels Eddie to do bad deeds. Actually, it gives a very intimate vibe to their whole story and I don’t whether it’s good or bad for Eddie’s character overall. Considering how much the character has changed to live his past behind. The only redeeming quality of this feature is Tradd Moore‘s art. His artwork is simply breathtaking. In particular, the moments of Eddie’s transformation into Venom are truly powerful, especially the way the Symbiote strangles Brock’s body. To sum up, the issue is quite mediocre, but the art is absolutely spectacular.


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