Triggered Director of Kong: Skull Island Joins Screen Junkies for the Honest Trailer


September 6, 2017

You may have heard that Kong: Skull Island’s director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has gone to Twitter to express his outrage with recent CinemaSins video that nitpicked his movie to death. If you haven’t, here’s a small example of how it all went down:

And there were like a hundred more tweets similar to this one. Jordan Vogt-Roberts went off the rails to defend his movie, and truth be told – the film is not without flaws, but he had a lot of solid points. Unfortunately, CinemaSins has gone from pointing out actual movie “sins” (like Peter Parker using Bing as a search engine in ASM) and clever satire to an over-bloated crapfest of nitpicking.

Screen Junkies, however, have a more lighthearted approach and seem to maintain the level of quality with their Honest Trailers, and this one was no exception. Moreover, Jordan Vogt-Roberts has actually helped the Screen Junkies to co-write this trailer! Obviously, the guy wasn’t triggered at all – they had it planned out a month ago, so good on ’em! If you’d like to know the results of their collaboration, be sure to check out the video below:

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