Important, Breaking News: Deadpool’s Tim Miller Semi-Confirmed To Direct a New Terminator Movie


September 14, 2017

It seems that Terminator producers have finally settled on who is going to help the new Terminator movie. Everything seems to indicate that the first installment of the new Terminator trilogy is going to be directed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller. It is finally semi-confirmed, sort of.

Considering his directorial experience with phenomenal cinematic trailers for DC games and extraordinary work he’s done on Deadpool, it is safe to say that Tim Miller has a neck for creating mind-blowing combat and all kinds of awesome action scenes. Certainly, he is one of the better choices for a movie no one asks for, because Tim Miller might actually bring something new in this brain-dead franchise.

Fun-fact: it is going to be the third attempt to reboot the franchise after Salvation and Genisys, which both tanked in the box-office. The real question, though, is how could the franchise with so much creative potential become so messed up?

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