This Is How Logan Should Have Ended!


April 14, 2017

The guys at How It Should Have Ended strike again with another hilarious video! Now it is time for James Mangold’s  Logan to receive a full HISHE treatment. The actual movie left the majority of viewers tearful and heartbroken, without a doubt – it is one of the best superhero movies ever made. So, it was quite interesting how HISHE would approach this particular movie. Actually, the result was quite unexpected! You can take a closer look at it right here:

As you may have guessed, HISHE’s version was inspired by Les Misérables ending:

According to the guys at HISHE:

If you are curious as to why we made this, well the answer was Logan already ends pretty beautifully. When talking about flaws our biggest hang up in the film was stopping to have dinner with the family. That’s the point where everything goes bad, so really that’s where Logan should’ve put his foot down. Then Chris’ cousins called him up one day saying “We just heard the Les Miserables finale in the car and were laughing about how similar it is to the end of Logan.” So we watched the scene and started giggling at the possibilities. A few weeks later there where lyrics, drawings, and an actual choir from New Zealand singing our goofy track. It has been a bizarre month. We hope you enjoy this silly mashup.

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