The Worst Of The Worst: 7 Disappointing Movies That Should Have Been Better


April 3, 2017

They can’t all be winners in Hollywood. It is always like that in the film industry – you win some, you lose some. The reasons of why the movies flop may vary. Sometimes, the fans build up so much hype about it that there is no way a movie can ever live up to it. In other cases, there’s also bad casting or a weak script involved. Sometimes, it is a bit of everything. That is why, it is incredibly difficult to be 100% certain on how the movie the studio just spent hundreds of millions of dollars is going to perform in the box-office. In any case, these movies should’ve never been made.

Dragon Ball: Evolution

It’s time to find the dragon balls, we have to summon the eternal dragon and wish this movie out of existence. The much beloved anime was supposed to destroy the box-office. Unfortunately, the creators of live-action adaptation showed no respect to the source material and destroyed the movie instead. Every second of that movie was absolutely cringeworthy and it had no redeeming qualities. Why is Goku white? Where’s Krillin? What’s up with ki blasts? Why is everyone so infinitely stupid in this movie?

Matrix: Revolution

Without a doubt, the first installment of the franchise was a real game-changer back in 1999. In was a perfect mix of great special effects and engaging story. That is why the fans had high hopes for the sequel. Well, Matrix: Reloaded was mediocre at best. It lost its spirit and was nothing but a collection of CGI crapfest. However, it did have a phenomenal highway chase scene and that fight in the castle. So, the fans thought that the 3rd movie would turn the tables. Unfortunately, the 3rd installment was a real trainwreck – Neo was barely matrixing about in it and there were something about Zion. Even the final battle with Smith was somewhat disappointing.

Green Lantern

Spoiler alert: it is not going to be the only DC movie on the list. Warner Brothers took a huge dump on the Green Lantern comics with its live action adaptation. There were so much wrong with this movie – from character motivations to the ridiculous CGI suit. Hopefully, WB and DC have learned from their mistakes and the much anticipated Green Lantern Corps movie will blow our minds.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

In retrospect, The Sam Raimi trilogy was pretty solid. Too bad the 3rd movie was so disappointing that Sony decided to reboot the entire franchise with yet another origin-story movie and a much weaker follow-up movie that made the same mistakes Raimi did in the third movie. ASM 2 had too many villains and the cool ones were underused. Also, they hired a grownup man to play a teenager – why? In fact, the movie was so bad, that Sony actually gave (partially) the rights back to Marvel for Marvel to do the character’s justice. Obviously, the guys from Sony was going nowhere with the franchise. In result, Tom Holland’s appearance as Spider-Man in Civil War was an utter success. Hopefully, the new Spider-Man Homecoming movie is going to be exactly what fans want it to be.


When the end credits rolled the fans weren’t able to pick up their jaws. Not because the movie was that awesome, but because it was that bad. How did it happen, though? The studio got a promising director, the trailers looked great, they had that Interstellar vibe in them. The casting was on point, too. What went wrong? The studio interference had a detrimental effect on the final cut of the movie. So much so, the director of the movie had to distance himself from the final product by saying that there’s fantastic version of the movie that the audiences will probably never see. The worst thing about it is there not much happening in the movie either and it doesn’t feel like the characters have become a family (which is what the Fantastic Four is all about). Too bad, they looked great on-screen.

Batman v Superman

It might be a little unfair to put BvS on the same level with Dragonball: Evolution, but it really should be on this list. The Man of Steel sequel was indeed a very disappointing movie. It wasn’t critically acclaimed, and the fans were divided into two camps. It might be a weird thing to say, but the movie should have cracked a billion dollars in the box office. The movie had insane special effects, talented actors, rich source material and two of the most recognizable fictional characters in the world. Some of the elements of the movie are great, but overall – it is a disappointment. Who knew that some of the most memorable parts of the movie would be granny’s peach tea and Martha?


This movie is the worst of the worst, there Is nothing good about. It was made back in 2004 and it is still makes people nauseous. The movie is loosely based on DC’s character of the same name and plot-wise it is beyond ridiculous. Catwoman turned out to be so disappointing that it received 7 Golden Raspberry nominations and Halle Berry won as the worst actress of the year. If you want a visual representation of how idiotic this movie is, just check out the basketball scene on Youtube. And the whole movie is like that.

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