The Vision: Cruel Intentions (If You Haven’t Read It Yet – You Should)


October 24, 2017

Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is know for being constantly wisecracking and mostly positive, Marvel comics are full of hidden gems that do go dark. Namely, one of such comic books is Tom King‘s run on The Vision. This amazing comic book is a limited series that’s been penciled by the talented Gabriel Hernandez Walta. Not only was it praised by the fans, the book was also recognized by the Eisner Awards (an award that highlights the creative achievements of the greatest comic books in the industry) – The Vision won as the best limited series.

Without giving away too much, the story explores the Vision’s desire to be ordinary, so he moves to the D.C. suburbs and engineers himself a family of synthezoids, which includes a wife, Virginia, and two teenage twins, Viv and Vin. Trust me, by the end of this comic – your hearts will be broken (if not – you’re a heartless monster).

If you would like to have a better understanding of what the comic was like, one of the fans, Nick, has made a wonderful video essay about it! You should definitely check out the essay, subscribe to his YouTube channel for more quality content and rush to your local comic book store for a copy of the Vision comic:

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