The Mummy Review: It Should’ve Stayed Buried


June 10, 2017

Marvel has their own cinematic universe and DC has got a universe of their own. Even King Kong is going to have a punch out with Godzilla, so there’s a set up for a MonsterVerse too. Everybody’s busy building up their own cinematic universe these days because that’s where the money is. And Universal is no different, that’s why they decided to dig withing their properties and reboot the Mummy as a starting point to their Dark Universe with Draculas, Wolfmen and Invisible Man and Frankensteins and… some other people too.

The problem with building up cinematic universes is that studios seem to ignore the fact that it takes time to build one. You need to introduce characters in their respective solo movies and make these characters compelling enough to then bring them together in one blockbuster movie (if that’s what the studio and the fans want). Moreover, these solo movies cannot be just set-ups for future films where you cram in as many characters as you can just for the sake of establishing them.

So, was it ny good? Hell no! There is no doubt that this movie has some pretty cool action scenes and some A-listers on its cast but that is not a good entry point for Universal’s Dark Universe. The story is the biggest problem of this flick. the script had been written by six diffrent people, and it shows – it is not a very cohesive story. To sum up, you get the thing to get the thing, then some exposition and an action scene, and some exposition, more action scenes, and even more exposition. All that while setting up future movies in the worst way imaginable. Remember¬† how lazy the entire Sinster Six was plugged in the end of the Amazing Spider-Man 2? Pretty much the same story. The scares were simple jump-scares and a lot of jokes fell flat.

In terms of casting, the only redeeming quality of this is movie is Sofia Boutella who played the undead princess Ahmanet, great performance. Tom Cruise threw himself in all the action scenes and delivered a decent performance, despite portraying a pretty unlikable character, which is quite unusual for him. Evidently, according to the box-office, Tom Cruise’s star power isn’t going to be enough to keep this movie afloat. The rest of the crew are just whatever.

Overall, the movie is only worth watching because of Sofia Boutella and if you’ve got nothing esle to do. Want to know a definitive score? The Mummy gets 4 irises (that trick was kinda cool).

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