The Mummy Honest Trailer: How To Kill A Franchise Before It Even Begins?


September 13, 2017

You will have to ask that very question to the movie’s director – Alex Kurtzman, the talented man who was responsible for reinventing botching The Amazing Spider-Man movie universe. Evidently, you need to constantly jump from one exposition scene to another, while showing generic action stuff and cramming as many references to a bigger universe as possible. And don’t forget the obligatory walk through a hall full of characters from future movies (so good). Don’t even bother developing compelling characters that would make the audience care about, just dig up whatever properties you’ve got at your disposal and kick-start an Avengers-like franchise.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. What many studios these days seem to miss is that you can’t just hamfist a movie franchise without investing into an actual story. And that means that the studios need to show restrain with bigger universe Easter eggs and focus on creating coherent, cohesive movies with interesting characters instead. Sadly, The Mummy is not the case, it was a soulless, paint-by-numbers movie made by the studio. Thus, the swarm of bad reviews; thus, the Honest Trailer from the Screen Junkies.

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