The Most Powerful Characters in Marvel Comics


June 14, 2017

It is really hard to definitively say who is the strongest, most powerful being in the world of Marvel comic books. After a certain point you can’t rate the character’s power from 0 to 10, it goes well beyond that. You’ve got gods, entities who created gods, beings who created entities who then created gods and so on. All of them are infinitely powerful, so let us take a closer look at some of the most omnipotent beings in the Marvel universe in no particular order:

One-Above-All. Does this fella seem all-powerful to you? Well, he is! He is the master of the entity known as the Living Tribunal. The One Above All never interferes into human affairs, except for that one time he had lunch with Peter Parker.

Beyonders. They are the dreamers and the destroyers! Ultimately, they were responsible for the creation of the multiverse!

God Doom. In an effort to save what’s left from the collapsing multiverse, he took himself the power of beings known as Beyonders. Eventually, Victor managed to save bits and pieces of the multiverse and turned himself into a God on the last existing world.

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