The Most Impressive Duels In Star Wars: The Clone Wars


April 6, 2017

Obi-Wan Kenobi against Darth Maul and Savage Opress. see how truly graceful and balanced Obi Wan’s fighting style truly is. He is an incredibly skilled Jedi in his prime and that fight was breathtaking!


Anakin Skywalker against Barriss Offee. What I like about this fight most is the moment when Barriss says how the only thing the Jedi order believes is violence and Anakin ignites the second lightsaber, he’s like “you want violence, you’ll see violence”. What a badass!


Darth Maul against Pre Vizsla. Pre Vizsla proves that you don’t have to be a Force wielder to be formidable opponent for a Sith. In this all-out battle we see a Mandalorian warrior fight for his life and his throne against Darth Maul. Unfortunately for Mandalore, Pre Vizsla lost, but he put up quite a fight. For a brief moment, we hoped Pre Vizsla could win, but it wasn’t meant to be this way. There’s very little solace, but Pre Vizsla would’ve been happy knowing that Maul would get his comeuppance later on in his fight against Sidious himself. Also, that black lightsaber is probably the coolest thing in the galaxy!


Anakin Skywalker against Count Dooku. Count Dooku is a powerful Sith and he is always so composed, as if any lightsaber battle is nothing but a child’s play for him. He even puts his hand behind his back to show that Anakin is no match for him. But that’s just the facade, you can tell he’s struggling to appear serene. And rightfully so, Anakin has become extremely powerful since their first encounter on Geonosis. One of the greatest things about this battle is watching Palpatine calmly observe Anakin, the way he gives in to his anger which gives him strength and focus.



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