The Lion King Remake Has Found Timon And Pumbaa


April 27, 2017

Disney hasn’t announced any official casting news about Timon and Pumbaa for the The Lion King reboot, but it said that Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner are going to reprise the roles of Pumbaa and Timon respectively. I believe that this is an excellent casting decision and a great addition to the already approved cast of James Earl Jones as Mufasa and Donald Glover as Simba. Already can’t wait for Seth and Billie to perform the iconic “Hakuna Matata” song. For the time being, you can enjoy the original version by Nathan Lane voicing Timon and Ernie Sabella bringing Pumbaa to life:

In addition, none other as Beyoncé is negotiating with Disney to voice Nala, Simba’s love interest.

The Lion King remake is a tremendous challenge for Disney, but I believe they will totally pull it off with live-action Lion King being one of the highest grossing movies of all time. I believe it is going to outperform the Beauty and the Beast like it’s nothing. Also, considering how commercially successful the live-action version of the Jungle Book was ($965.8 million worldwide), which was essentially a tech demo of what’s to come, I have complete faith in movie director Jon Favreau, the man behind the first Iron Man and the Jungle Book remake.

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