The Incredible Hulk Facts That Will Make You Exhale Heavily (Maybe)


April 17, 2017

There are a couple of things you can say about Hulk with absolute certainty. First of all, Hulk is the strongest one there is and second – you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Before the green rage monster teams up with the God of Thunder on screen, let’s get into some of the coolest fun-facts you may not know about Bruce Banner:

Hulk was originally supposed to be grey. Let’s start from the basics, the Hulk was designed as a grey monster, but the color separation that was applied in printed comics back in the day didn’t work so well. In result, it was decided to make the Hulk green.

Bruce Banner is dead. Currently, Bruce Banner is six feet under the ground and he is murdered by none other than Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. In fact, Bruce Banner has lost his ability to transform and gave Clint a special bullet that would put the Hulk down for good in case things went south. It was a judgement call and Hawkeye did what he thought best.

Amadeus Cho is the Hulk. Being one of the smartest kids in the Marvel universe, Cho found a way to absorb all of Banner’s radiation and thus save Bruce Banner from his burden. In turn, Amadeus would then become the new totally awesome Hulk

Thanos doesn’t want to mess with Hulk. Thanos may be the mad titan but he’s not stupid. The super powered villain mentioned that Hulk is the only being he avoids conflicting with. Can you imagine the fight between those two?

Even Professor X can’t control him. Charles Xavier has once tried to control the Hulk’s mind, but failed to do so. He explained that he couldn’t get a hold of Hulks mind, it was like force of nature to him.

Hulk is going to become a villain. In a story line that explore what would happen in the future with your favorite heroes, you can see that Hulk has gone completely insane. The nuclear war happened and hulk has absorbed way too much radiation, which consequently led him to losing his mind.

Hulk knows Kung Fu. Iron Fist has taught Hulk Kung Fu. Unfortunately, Hulk’s fist didn’t have that fancy glow like Danny Rand.

Hulk tore Wolverine body in half. After Wolverine finally managed to get under Banner’s skin, the Hulk literally ripped Wolverine’s body apart. He threw one half of Logan’s body in the mountains, so wolverine had to crawl 4 miles back to his lower body to put it back and regenerate.

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