The First Official Look at The Big Red Hellboy!


September 14, 2017

The first photo of the rebooted version of Hellboy was recently released on the official Twitter account of the movie. Many fans were delighted to finally get a glimpse of what they might expect with  David Harbour’s  incarnation of the Big Red. As you can see, it is still that instantly recognizable character we all love. It seems that this version was slightly tweaked to give it a darker and more brooding vibe.

Mike Mignola, the creator of the iconic character also shared the photo and summed up what all fans were thinking – “Holy crap… “. David Harbour also shared a different, black and white picture of him as the titular character, which was later deleted. But as Ted Cruz’s likes prove – whatever goes on Internet, stays on Internet. So, be sure to check out Harbour’s image as well:

Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen is supposed to kick-start the new franchise, since Gullermo del Torro wasn’t able to deliver the third Hellboy movie despite all of his efforts. The newly appointed director, Neil Marshal, is said to release the movie in 2018!



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