The Entire Evolution of Wonder Woman


June 1, 2017

Yay! DCEU’s Wonder Woman is hitting theaters and the film is absolutely amazing (apparently). So, before you get the chance to review the movie for yourselves, the brilliant YouTube channel called Burger Fiction has shared yet another cool video showcasing the evolution of Wonder Woman, one of the greatest DC character of all time. Too bad that such an iconic character didn’t get as much spotlight as Batman or Superman did. But no more, the audiences worldwide are going to see Diana become the badass Amazonian warrior she truly is. Still, it is quite fun to look back at all the wacky versions of Wonder Woman from Lynda Carter to Gal Gadot.

Diana Price has already become one of the best parts of BvS, and the critics are actually raving for Wonder Woman’s solo flick. It would seem that for the first time since Zack Snyder took over the DC cinematic universe, the majority of critics are praising the movie instead of trashing it, which is fantastic! Kudos to the entire creative team of Wonder Woman, and special thanks to the movie’s director Patty Jenkins & Gal Gadot for bringing justice to the character and delivering great performance. Speaking of justice, with Wonder Woman solo movie being as good as it is, the geeks all over the world are sure to get even more hyped for the Justice League movie.

Without further ado, here is an amazing video:


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