The Complex Feels of Guardians of The Galaxy (Get Your Tissues Ready!)


September 5, 2017

Video essays are one of the best things that can be found on YouTube. And when Tony from Every Frame a Painting has published a video almost a year ago now and Nerdwriter1 uses way to many ten-dollar words for your liking – enters Lindsay Ellis. Lindsay has recently published an incredibly heartfelt video where she dissected the intricate feelings in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2! This particular video proves that superhero movie doesn’t mean that it’s devoid of complex emotional baggage behind every character. Obviously, GOTG Vol.2 is not a drama, the movie is a comedy that can’t seem to maintain a straight face for even a damn minute and feels the urge to insert a joke every minute! But if you dig deeper (like Lindsay did) you’ll find that this movie is full of complicated and conflicted characters.

At the same time, the video essay gives us the opportunity to give props to James Gunn for delivering a cohesive story with a well thought-out character arc for every hero! Unfortunately, it is a rarity these days, as movie makers can get carried away with setting up sequels without giving a second thought to fleshing out the characters we, as an audience, are supposed to carry about.

This is going to be one of the best spent 34 minutes of your life so get those napkins ready and prepare to sob:

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