The Best Facial Hair In Comic Books


April 21, 2017

Male superheroes in comic books are about as manly as it gets! But from time to time, our favorite characters might take it up a notch and decide to grow a beard. Why? As it often happens, beards are a symbol of dark times, struggles and certain hardship for the heroes, it means that they are not experiencing the best of times (they just can’t find the time for shaving, they’re too busy with all the self-loathing). However, some heroes look incredibly good with moustaches, whiskers, beards and all kinds of facial hair. Let’s take a look at some of the comic book chamions who look totally awesome with beards:

Thor. He’s not worthy of wielding Mjolnir, he had his arm chopped off, so obviously not the best time for shaving.

Hulk. Getting a beard and a mohawk were the first things Hulk did when he got smart.

Aquaman. Everyone loves the 90’s Rockstar version of Aquaman but what do you think of the bearded on from the New 52? He looks amazing!

Deadpool. All kinds of crazy things happened during Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars in the 70’s.

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