Surreal Mixture Of Photography And Scupture By Julian Canovas-Yanez And Alejandro Maestre


April 5, 2017

Essentially, you can watch a person create himself within a few photos. Contemporary art has very little in common with the classic art that is studied in the universities. Sure, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But sometimes, it feels like the idea of what is beautiful and what isn’t has changed way too much these days. Especially, when all you get to see is those bizarre performances or confusing installations. However, it is not always a rule. EL HOMBRE QUE SE CREA, which is a photo-sculpture project, can prove that there is still true art still exists. The project’s name EL HOMBRE QUE SE CREA can be translated as “a person who created himself”. Alejandro Maestre, who is one of the most famous Spanish photographers, and Julian Canovas-Yanez, who is one of the most praised sculptors in the world decided to team up to create these phenomenal artworks.  Alejandro is known for his unique artistic vision, while Julian draws inspiration from the ancient Greek and classical Roman sculptures.

EL HOMBRE QUE SE CREA is a series of 20 photographs where you can see a man who sculpts himself into existence out of nothing. First, you simply see two hands covered in clay. Eventually, the hands are creating a person’s face and torso until a full body is ready. This photo project is unique and beautiful. Enjoy some of the most breathtaking snaps from this creative collaboration:





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