Comic Book Superheroes Who Started Out As Villains


April 20, 2017

Nothing is permanent in the world of comic books and status quos are constantly changing. Heroes become villains and villains become heroes. I mean, no spoilers, but Captain America is taking over the world as the head of Hydra. Sometimes, the villains that had a change of heart become the beacons of hope, greatest heroes that kids look up to. Let’s take a closer look at the baddies who turned out to be one of the good guys! Eventually.


Initially, Rogue was one of the bad guys, she was an Avengers villain even Captain America couldn’t stop. That’s pretty awesome, considering the fact that she can absorb every power she wants.


Originally, Wade Wilson was pitched as a 100% villain. Good thing he got so popular and gradually became an anti-hero. Currently, he is a full-on superhero. In fact, Deadpool even funds one of the Avengers teams these days.

Natasha Romanoff

Black Widow is an amazing character and her past can be described best as complicated. During her time as a spy, she had assassinated dozens of innocent people, she’s been a double agent and generally not a very nice person.


Clint Barton started out as a petty thief as he tried to rob the Avengers. He’s done his time in jail and completely re-evaluated his life.


These days, Venom is known in the mainstream Marvel universe as Space Knight. His current host, Flash Thompson, went to the home planet of symboites where the parasite was, sort of, re-programmed. Now, Venom protects the world alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy from all kinds of threats.

Emma Frost

Before becoming the love interest of Scott Summers and one of the best teachers in Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters she was a villain! Emma was a part of the Hellfire Club, a supervillain team that fought against the X-Men. 

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