Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review – All Your Snoke Theories Sucked!


January 25, 2018

It’s taken a while, but here you go – Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review! Sure, It, probably, would’ve made more sense to post a review for the Last Jedi on the day of the premiere, like the rest of the internet, but hey, it’s not like it’s a movie that needs to be hyped up, we all saw it. Moreover, taking a break for a month may actually give a unique perspective on a movie as divisive as this one. In fact, it is the most divisive Star Wars movie since the last star Wars movie, so what to say about it? It’s good. 

Personally, I’m hard-pressed to recall the last time a blockbuster movie actually surprised me.  To TLJ’s merit, it really did. Not only the movie is filled with lots of plot twists, but it also manages to break the mechanics of how trilogies are told in modern Hollywood. The sequel to the Force Awakens might, as well, have been its final chapter. The movie dealt with Snoke and answered to all the questions asked in the Force Awakens. The fans might not like the answers, but let’s be honest – it’s their problem, and no one hates Star Wars as much as Star Wars fans. Snoke’s dead (and we still don’t know who he was), Rey’s parents are nobodies (allegedly), the Knights of Ren are still missing, Luke pranked Kylo Ren and died (in 30 years of his exile, he managed to became a recluse, who loves green milk). Suck it up, fans!

What were the best parts of the movie, you ask? The Rey & Kylo team-up vs Praetorian guards was absolutely phenomenal, every second of it was beautiful. Space Skype and potential for romance were quite interesting. The way hyperspace got weaponized in that one scene was a masterpiece. Porgs were actually cute, and not annoying. Luke doing that whole force projection thingy was awesome too!

Was there anything that sucked? Yeah, all of the Snoke origin theories, they bloody sucked. And, of course, the Canto Bight part of the movie felt out of place and completely unnecessary. Another gripe I, personally, have is the execution of lightsaber fights – no one is saying that they should be prequels-style dancing, but now they seem so clunky and obsolete, why would any of them even need lightsabers if they don’t know how to wield them?

In terms of performances, i don’t see a weak link anywhere, everybody acted the hell out of their roles. Directing-wise, Rian Johnson did a stellar job with this movie. The CGI is amazing, which is pretty much a given for a movie of such caliber. One of the best things about this movie is that it really makes us guessing about what’s gonna happen next. And such unpredictability is in short supply these days in Hollywood. 

At the end of the day, it is indeed an extraordinary movie that I cannot recommend to watch (’cause you all already saw it). It gets a solid Jedi Broom out of 10.

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