Spider-Man: Homecoming Review – Third Time’s The Charm!


July 12, 2017

The second (!) Spider-Man reboot in five (!) years swings into cinemas with a promise of doing justice to the character of Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man, but should you see it? Yes, of course, you should! Spider-Man: Homecoming turned out to be a blast; definitely, one of the best MCU movies, alongside with Guardians of the Galaxy and Winter Soldier. Obviously, these movies are different tonally, but equally as good.

This particular film has a very positive vibe to it and does feel like a genuine Spider-Man movie that perfectly captures the spirit of Peter Parker and his alter-ego – friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. After a disappointment that Spider-Man 3 was and an abomination of a sequel that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was, we get to see a proper superhero movie we craved for far too long. It is also worth noticing that the credit for all the positive reviews and B.O. success should not be attributed to Sony alone (they don’t know what they’re doing and would’ve butchered the franchise once again), Marvel Studios are the ones who should be praised for bringing the character back on track.

Homecoming is everything a Spider-Man movie should be – you’ve got your classic origin story with the iconic spider bite, uncle Ben getting shot and Peter realizing the importance of responsibility that comes with great power… Nah, I’m just messing with you, they skipped all that (because we get it!). Instead, we get the chance to see Peter actually learning to become a superhero and develop his own superhero persona. Another refreshing aspect of the movie was that it wasn’t the end-of-the-world scenario (no blue laser beams in the sky – that’s a plus). The stakes were real and the story felt very self-contained.

Also, we may have found the second best MCU villain since Loki – Michael Keaton‘s Vulture is absolutely astonishing! He is not a bad guy for no reason, Adrian Toomes’ motivations are crystal clear – he wants to provide for his family, and once again (sort of), Tony Stark is partially responsible for emergence of another villain. I didn’t mind the twist that Vulture turned out to be the dad of Peter’s crush, ’cause it did add another layer and gave Peter that personal connection to the villain. The scene where he talks to Peter in the car is one of the movie’s highlights, such a brilliant performance. Tom Holland  is probably the best Spider-Man and the best Peter Parker. This time around, we did get a truthful, comic book accurate representation of the amazing Wall-Crawler. Robert Downey Jr. did not steal the movie like all the trailers would have you believe, the presence of Tony Stark in a Spider-Man movie was minimal, so that’s good. The rest of the cast did a solid job as well, except for the kid who played Flash Thompson. That kid looks like someone Flash from the comic books would bully.

Spider-Man: Homecoming successfully deactivates the training wheels protocol and gets a definitive score of 576!


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