Shocking Art-Project Designed Shame Selfie-Takers At Holocaust Memorial


April 9, 2017

Shahak Shapira, an Israeli-German writer, has created an unusual, but an extremely impactful project called Yolocaust. Shahak juxtoposes the selfies of people they took at Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial with images of people suffering the actual horrors of Holocaust. The goal of Shahak’s projects is to expose the inappropriate and disrespectful behavior of people in places like Holocaust memorial. Moreover, it is completely unacceptable to use the memorial as an art-object!

The images were all posted on social media accounts and Mr. Shapira didn’t ask for permission from any of the account holders. The people who took selfies had the opportunity to remove the image from his website, all they had to do was writing to, reqest the removal and apologize for their foolish begavior. Seems fair enough. What do you think about Shahak Shapira’s photomontages?



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