Pointillism Taken To A Whole New Level


April 6, 2017

Miguel Endara is a talented artist that is recognized all over the world! One particular thing that makes him differ from millions of modern artists is his artistic technique. Unlike the majority of contemporary artists, Miguel went for pointillism. The technique branched from impressionism and, essentially, consists of small, distinct dots of color that are applied in patterns to form an image. Miguel Endara, however, doesn’t mix colors and creates black-and-white artworks that will definitely take your brace away.

It’s worth noticing that Miguel Endara doesn’t want fame or spotlight. His real motivation is to actually help people around the world and raise awareness about various individuals in need. For example, one of his paintings, “Benjaman Kyle”, is his tribute to a person that his government can’t or isn’t willing to help.

While spending hours to inspect every inch of his masterpieces, consider this: it usually takes Miguel from 6 months to a year to knock on out of the park.

For instance, his legendary “Hero” artworks took him 11 months to complete from start to finish. Take a closer look at how it was made:

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