Phenomenal Murals That Prove That Size Matters


April 5, 2017

It seems so bizarre that doing graffiti was once considered to be an act of vandalism. More so, some people think that it still is. Perhaps, some of the “artworks” do not look so artsy or, maybe, the location for them wasn’t the most appropriate. However, the things are changing. Artists are constantly teaming up with each other and collaborating with local authorities. Instead of hiding away and spraying up abandoned warehouses, they choose the biggest buildings as their canvases. In result, the majority of graffiti pieces are overwhelmingly beautiful. More and more frequently we can see the artists take their craft to a whole new level of awesome. Given enough time, paint, inspiration and buildings, graffiti professionals can turn the whole cities into a gallery. Personally, I hope that someday they will be able to do it. Until then, I suggest you all to check out some of the biggest and some of the most beautiful murals we’ve ever seen:

The Swedish duo Nevercrew creates some of the best graffiti artworks. This one, in particular, was made in Grenoble, France for the Grenoble Street Art Fest. As you can see, these graffiti pieces hint us that humanity should be more conscious of all the pollution it causes and the way it impacts the wildlife.

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The incredibly talented Five8art made this for Mural Festival in Montreal. Hopefully, this festival is going to be held on regular basis.

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This one was made by an artist named  Nicolas Romero. If you happened to be travelling to New York, you should definitely drop by in El Barrio, East Harlem, NYC.



Here is another piece from Montreal’s Mural Fest. The author of this piece is Stikky Peaches The guy has a truly unique style. Take a closer look at the attention to detail. You can easily spend all day checking the teeny-tiny pieces the mural is composed of.

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