New Justice League Trailer Gives a Better Glimpse At Steppenwolf And Batman Makes a Joke (So Funny)


October 26, 2017

The Justice League premiere is just around the corner! Hopefully, it is going to be the best movie of all time and DC will finally redeem themselves, ’cause Batman V Superman still gives me Vietnam flashbacks! Each day, more and more promotional materials are being released and today we have a new trailer dropped for our viewing pleasure! This time, it’s the Justice League trailer from China, which reveals a lot of new footage and gives us our best look yet at the movie’s main villain – Steppenwolf.

It is still hard to predict how the much anticipated blockbuster is going to turn out, however, you can fidelity notice that Cyborg’s CGI and the red sky continues to improve! In addition, it seems that there’s going to be a ton of jokes, quips everywhere, even the brooding Batman cracks a joke at Aquaman’s trident! Check out the awesome trailer below:

Justice League hits theaters on November 17th.

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