Movie Review: Fast And Furious 8 is FINE!


April 17, 2017

The 8th(!) instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise is absolutely bonkers and it is awesome! It is pretty remarkable that Vin Diesel and the crew went from stealing VCRs (or was it the DVDs?) in the first movie and now they’re saving the world from nuclear war!

For you to realize the levels of insanity, consider this: the comic relief of the franchise Roman is killing russian soldiers with a door he tore off a Lambo, hundreds (if not thousands) of zombie-cars are raining on the streets of New York while Vin Diesel is threatening the Russian defense minister to get the the launch codes for nuclear weapons! Michelle Rodriguez throws a guy on the rotating blades of a submarine and the Rock is punching through walls and people like they’re made of paper.

Unfortunately, you are not going to see Charlize Theron doing as much action, but she really was that kick-ass hacker that does anything she wants and tells Dom to stop with all the family BS.

As to what should happen next in this franchise, I believe that they really should send Dom’s crew into space, that would’ve been epic! Overall verdict is this: Not enough Coronas, but it’s fine! the F8 of the Furious is a big, dumb, action-packed movie that is actually a fun ride!

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