Movie Deaths That Went Way Too Far


May 15, 2017

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

James Bond movies are universally praised for their sophistication, at least the classic ones. The newer installments with Daniel Craig are extremely brutal. Whereas the classic James Bond actors were polite and charming, the new one is cold-blooded killer who feels no remorse. But that is a story for another time. Blofeld is one of the most iconic 007 villains and, certainly, he needs to go down in a big way. “For Your Eyes Only” that was made in 1981 had a truly bizarre scene: James Bond, played by Roger Moore, outsmarted the autopilot of the helicopter and regained the controls; after that, he used landing skids to hitch up the poor villain. There was no use pleading for mercy, Mr. Bond has simply dropped the villain into an industrial chimney. Not bad.

Mola Ram

Indiana Jones is everyone’s favorite and he has had some of the wildest adventures ever. He also faced a fair share of villains in his life. One of them being Mola Ram, the high priest in India who had come up with a convoluted plan to conquer the world. Unfortunately for him, doctor Indiana Jones and a couple of his friends stepped up and saved the day. They freed the village that Mola Ram held captive. Obviously, he went crazy mad at Indi for liberating the slaves, so he wanted to catch Indiana Jones and kill him. He did manage to catch him on the narrow rope bridge. Indi used his gumption and cut the bridge with a machete. After that Mola Ram fell directly into the jaws of hungry crocodiles. What a painful demise that is.

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