Movie Deaths That Went Way Too Far


May 15, 2017

Setting up a good movie villain is a tough task. But if you’ve got a super villain, you want him to get his comeuppance and there is no need to hold back. Your imagination is the limit. That’s why we have examined a certain number of movies (not too many) to pick out the most surprising and over-the-top deaths. It’s like watching Fatality scenes in Mortal Combat X multiplied by 10. Take a closer look at these movie characters who bit the dust in the most unexpected and (sometimes) gruesome ways imaginable. I mean, there is some pretty traumatizing stuff out there, so this list is quite sanitized, I don’t want it to get real creepy, alright?

Mrs. Pamela Voorhees

Friday the 13th is an iconic movie and we’ve seen pretty explicit death scenes in there, however the mother of Jason Voorhees who terrorized the teenagers of Crystal Lake has probably got what she deserved in the worst way possible. After getting her ass kicked by young girl named Alice, she got her head chopped off. Slow motion and wacky music made this scene unforgettably creepy. 

Major Pa Tee Tint

John Rambo thought that his war was over, but he could be me more wrong. In 2008 we’ve seen another installment of Rambo franchise to see the main hero retire in Thailand and catch poisonous snakes for a living. But when another baddie starts terrorizing the local people, Rambo shoots his way through the jungle to meet Major Pa Tee Tint face-to-face.  And we have to admit that Rambo shows no mercy. It really is a pretty bloody movie. When the major decides to flea, he gets his guts ripped out. Rambo sneaked up on him and used his massive knife to torn the guy apart.

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