Miniature Masterpieces Of Lorraine Loots


April 4, 2017

Painting a picture is a process that can be described by a number of various adjectives. However, one of the most vivid descriptions would be “time-consuming”. Whenever you feel like you’ve got the inspiration to create another masterpiece, you have to realize that it will probably take more than an hour to get it done, more than a week or a month. So, instead of going for huge, monumental paintings Lorraine Loots went for miniatures that create a special intimacy when the person is required to get up really close with the picture to fully appreciate the precision and sophistication of Lorraine’s artworks.

Most probably, you will have to use a magnifying glass to fully appreciate these artworks but it is totally worth it. Don’t forget to check out Lorreine’s Instagram for more masterpieces! Without any further ado, you can feast your eyes on the talented Lorraine Loot’s art:

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