Mesmerizing Flower Figures From Jean Michel Bihorel


April 6, 2017

The art of a Paris-based artist Jean Michel Bihorel will make you want to strike a Lotus pose and take deep breath. The process of creating these unique 3D sculptures starts with a dried hydrangea flower.  The artist scans an image of a hydrangea blossom and multiplies it for these digital flowers to form a surreal silhouette of a female anatomy.

One of his artworks depicts a shattered marble statue of a beautiful female. Through the cracks in the statue you can see that the inside of this sculpture is filled with beautiful flowers. The other sculpture demonstrates a female figure that consists entirely out of flowers. All of Jean Michel Bihorel’s artworks are made with the digital rendering technique. These incredible sculptures definitely set a peaceful mood. Take a closer look at how fragile and elegant these sculptures are:

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