A Few Marvel Movies We Can’t Wait For Any Longer


April 10, 2017


Everything is very complicated with the Inhumans, because they won’t get the full Hollywood treatment but the first few episodes are going to have a limited release in a number of IMAX theaters in US before premiering on television (so I guess that counts).  Evidently, the we won’t get Black Bolt played by Vin Diesel, but we are getting Anson Mount instead. Also, Iwan Rheon, the star of Games of Thrones will be portraying Maximus, Black Bolt’s deranged brother. If you’re not to familiar with the backstory of Inhumans, than you have to know that alien Kree race have experimented thousands of years ago with then-primitive homo sapiens to create an army of mutated soldiers. After being exposed to the Terrigen mist, a catalyst to unlocking inhuman powers, they would mutate and manifest their powers. So they’re like mutant, but not as interesting.

On the plus side, the Inhumans have a giant teleporting bulldog called Lockjaw who is totally adorable, let’s see how ABC are going to pull that one off with a TV series budget.

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