Marvel Legacy #1 Review: Promising Start of a New Era for Marvel


October 2, 2017

Every now and then, big comic book publishers might be having troubles balancing inconsistent timelines, confusing storytelling and various plot holes. As a result, the comic book sales are starting to degrade and the publishers are looking for a way to right the wrongs with a massive event that start things over with a clean slate. DC had a similar situation, which lead to DC Universe Rebirth #1 and now it is Marvel’s turn with Marvel Legacy #1.

What was great about this book is that it wasn’t a narrative U-turn, but more of a course correction, instead. And it sold well despite its hefty price tag! The issue introduced a few new characters, revived a dead one and planted the seeds for new stories. The big news is, of course, the return of the best there is at what he does – the original Wolverine, which means that now there are 4 Wolverines running around in the Marvel Universe: the original, dead no more Logan, Laura Kinney, Jimmy Hudson and Old Man Logan. Still, not enough, though – bring back Daken and Weapon Omega from the Age of Apocalypse and then we’ll talk.

Also, we’ve been introduced to the Avengers 1,000,000 BC! Among others, the incredible roster of prehistoric superheroes includes Thor’s dad, Odin himself, who was still trying to tame the hammer and a Ghost Rider with a mammoth. Too bad we didn’t actually saw him riding the prehistoric beast!

Another pleasant surprise, was the return of Fantastic Four. In particular, we saw Franklin and Valerie Richards (who narrated the book). As you know, Reed Richards became some sort of an almighty deity after the events of Secret Wars. Along with his family, he was seemingly absent from the Marvel comics since then.

This issue made me look forward to whatever new stories Marvel want to tell!

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