Marvel Characters That Deserve A Live Action Adaptation


April 26, 2017

It’s hard to believe that Marvel has gone so far. Sure, at the very start of the MCU(when MCU didn’t even exist, really) the things didn’t run as smoothly – we had had a ridiculous Punisher film and the first Hulk movie was painful to watch, but over the years they seem to have cracked the formula for a good superhero movie. Now, we’ve got The Infinity War, Black Panther and Captain Marvel in the works. But what’s next? When this MCU will face a dead-end, what movie are we going to get? Surely, the Avengers shouldn’t avert another alien invasion on Earth, they should show us something new. Maybe they will go into space or maybe they will explore parallel universe? Let’s hope so and advise Marvel Studios to take a look at some of the comic book heroes we want to see on the big screen:

Miles Morales. Sure, we are still in the early stages of the classic Peter Parker Spider-Man within MCU. But what if Tom Holland’s Spidey actually met Miles Morales in a parallel universe?

King Thor. Chris Hemsworth’s contract is going to end at some point and he won’t be able to portray the young and mighty Thor. However, he might play an aged, experienced and equally awesome old Thor. If you think that’s insane and would never work, you should check out Jason Aaron’s run where Thor had to face the God Butcher.

X-23. In a nutshell, Laura Kinney is a clone of Wolverine and much like Wolverine, she was used as a weapon for the most of her life. Since Wolverine is dead in the mainstream Marvel universe she’s took over the mantle and became the new Wolverine. We got X-23 in the third Wolverine but wouldn’t it be great if we saw a grown up version of Laure at some point?

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