Leonardo DiCaprio Is the New Joker (Most Certainly Not, But Maybe)


September 2, 2017

The Hollywood Reporter has recently shared a bit of unexpected information. According to an unreliable source, it seems that Warner Bros. want to get Leonardo DiCaprio to portray the Joker for the spinoff movie that was recently rumored about.

That would somewhat explain why they wanted to get Martin Scorsese on board first. The twisted logic of Warner Bros. execs assumes that Marty would persuade Leo to take the part. The weird part about it is that the Joker’s origin was supposed to be introduced by a younger actor. Leo, however, is only 3 years younger than a person known for staying young forever – Jared Leto.

In turn, Jared Leto has recently said that he’s in DCEU for the long run, yet he hasn’t heard a word about the Joker origin movie. Neat!

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