King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Review! It’s Better Than Everyone Says


May 13, 2017

Yeah, this movie is actually better than everyone says. It feels like the newest Ritchie’s movie gets a lot of bad press and the guy doesn’t deserve that. Truth be told, it is a rather simple movie with a rather simple premise that everyone, sort of, knows. The king is killed by his own brother in order to get the crown. The king’s heir survives the betrayal of his uncle, escapes certain death but becomes an orphan. The kid grows up in a brothel and forgets of his royal ancestry. But one cannot simply escape his destiny – Arthur needs to face the false king and reclaim his throne. And there’s also magic, rebels, and the sword and all the rest of the story. In fact, it is the movie with the most magic in all of King Arthur movies, it looks epic, the elephants have never been bigger! I liked the movie, I really did. I enjoyed Ritchie’s signature style, which did bring something new to an otherwise boring story. Take any other Hollywood director without any particular style and this movie would’ve been instantly forgettable and servicable at best. With Guy Ritchie helming the project, you get his recognizable editing techniques, masterfully shot slow motion scenes and unusual camera angles. Add some solid action beats and a pinch of good jokes and you’re looking at great summer blockbuster. Not to mention the soundtrack from Daniel Pemberton, that will definitely keep on the edge of your seat.
In terms of casting, everyone is surprisingly good in their roles. I’d be hard-pressed to name a weak link. Jude Law deserves nothing but the highest praise, the man was absolutely brilliant as the movie’s main villain Vortigern. Charlie Hunnam as Arthur is great and Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as the Mage is amazing. Also, I cannot even fault David Backham, who cameos in this movie, despite the ridiculousness of the whole thing.


If you’re wondering whether King Arthur is a movie without flaws, rest assured – it isn’t. The main character has the most hipster hairdo ever, which is maintained throughout the movie (I bet Arthur has some sort of medival hair wax that he carries around at all times), the clothing looks, actually, fairly modern and you can occasionally hear insanely cheesy lines. But (butt!), overall, it is a great movie that you should check out. Currently, it’s not doing super well at the box-office, but hopefully the word of mouth is going to change that.

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