Joker Origin Movie: Want to Know How I Got These Scars?


August 23, 2017

Warner Bros and DC have come with another brilliant idea! Another Batmanverse spinoff movie is in early stages of development, and this time it’s about Batman’s greatest adversary – the Joker! At this point it’s all rumors and speculation, but Martin Scorsese is said to produce the movie and Todd Phillips to direct.

One would think that after the failure of Jared Leto‘s damaged Joker, it would make sense to put the character on the shelf for a while and focus on Batman’s rather extensive rogue’s gallery. Not to mention that even almost 10 years later, Heath Ledger‘s performance would be tough to topple anyway. Moreover, Jared is said to return as Joker in the Suicide Squad sequel and that Harley Quinn spinoff, but this new flick will introduce a different, younger actor who would launch the character.

Another alarming aspect of this idea is that the beauty of the Joker’s character is that he’s a force of nature that does not really require an origin story. He just is. Once demystified, he, most definitely, will lose some of his charm. Ridley Scott had done the xenomorphs origins thing, and how’s that worked out for him?

It looks like WB people don’t really know what they are doing and simply throwing out ideas to see which one sticks with the fans. Or the rumor is legit and they would make the craziest stuff before rebooting the entire universe with a Flashpoint or something.

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