Insanely Realistic Pictures Of Animals And Children Made By Kevin Peterson


April 5, 2017

Kevin Peterson is a Houston based artist whose specialty is creating hyper-realistic pictures. However, Kevin also has an incredible imagination which allows him to create fairytale-like masterpieces that look and feel incredibly real. Kevin Peterson depicts the interactions of various animals like bears and lions with children. The artist shows them stranded in abandoned cities filled with half-destroyed buildings.

Despite the fact that such surroundings may not be the best place for kids to be (let alone, be accompanied by dangerous predators), the paintings manage to be somewhat cheerful and positive. In fact, it feels somewhat empowering, as those seemingly dangerous animals are, in fact, protecting the kids.

Peterson has said that his works are about a great variety of journeys that people take throughout their lives. He added that his art is actually about growing up and accepting the world for what it is – a rather broken place. It takes willpower, courage and great strength to overcome our fears and loneliness. That is why, each of these pictures contains a contrast of something young and innocent with something that is completely worn out and decaying.



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