Hello There: The Many References of Clone Wars to the Star Wars Movies


September 19, 2017

Remember how awesome Clone Wars animated series were? So do I, the show was filled with amazing stories and our beloved Star Wars characters that went on numerous adventures across the galaxy! This show actually did the characters’ justice and made the prequels just a little bit more bearable as it contained so many crucial, plot-related gems! The series was also filled with an insane amount of references to the Star Wars movies. You can love them or hate them but you can’t escape them! All the references, all the winks and nudges were picked up by a devoted Star Wars fan REX who made an incredible video comparison of all the scenes from the Clone Wars and both of Star Wars trilogies.

Once again, it breaks my heart that Clone Wars were cancelled in favor of Rebels that will have their 4th season and final (still boring though) debut on October, 15. However, it makes me want to binge-watch the entire series once again and truly appreciate the effort that the show creators put into paying homages to the Star Wars movies while making it its own thing. Also, REX deserves a round of applause for making and sharing this video:

May the Force be with you!

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