Mighty Facts About Thor That You Should Know


April 12, 2017

Thor, the God of Thunder, is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe. He is also one of the coolest characters. However, Odinson is not a fan-favorite. Yet! We have already seen a couple of Thor movies that were fine, but there is still so much unknown about him, what’s his deal? What is he about? Let’s make an attempt to fix this by finding a number of fun-facts about this thunderous superhero:

An aged Thor defeated Galactus. Hundreds of thousands of years into the future when Thor got old and the Earth became a barren wasteland, the World Eater came to feast on the empty planet. Thor wasn’t too happy about that idea, so he went head on with Galactus. Eventually, Thor managed to beat the monster into a pulp!


Nick Fury defeated Thor with a single whisper. Spolier alert, but now we know what Nick Fury whispered into Thor’s ear, all he said was “Gorr was right“(which is a callback to Thor: God of Thunder series by Jason Aaron), that’s it. And it made the God of Thunder instantly re-evaluate his life. In result, Thor lost a lot of his powers and couldn’t pick up the hammer since then.


Thor is currently a woman. After Thor stopped being worthy of wielding the Mjolnir, his Earth girlfriend took up the mantle. She managed to pick up the hammer and became the new Thor. Such gender swap caused a lot of controversy, but the audiences loved the character as the series of the new Thor were commercially successful.


Thor used to be a simple guy named Donald Blake. Back in the day, Thor used to become Thor only when he picked up the hammer. When he wasn’t busy saving the universe, he was a simple, skinny dude named Donald. Good thing they ditched that idea and rebooted the character.


Thor has an alien copycat. The doppelganger’s name is Beta Ray Bill. Beta Ray Bill is the first alien creature that is deemed worthy of wielding Thor’s hammer. In fact, there are a lot of alternative Thor incarnations ranging from Throg (a Forg Thor) to Groot Thor. And yes, the latter says only three words which are: “I”, “am” and “Thor” in that particular order.


Tony Stark built a robot clone of Thor. The original Thor was absent during the events of the first civil war between the superheroes, so Tony got a sample of Thor’s DNA and created a powerful cyborg, which were the first to spill real blood in that war.


He’s the first superhero based on a god (Duh!). Initially, Thor was created to be the character who would be able to actually fight the Hulk. An according to the newest Thor: Ragnarok trailer, this is exactly what we’re going to see this November.


DC have their own copycat Thor. In the Multiversity event, we discovered that there is a powerful Weather God who was a part of the superhero team similar to the Avengers. In fact, Thor was originally written for DC comics. 

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