F Is For Family Season 2: It’s About Effing Time!


April 20, 2017

Congratulations and a round of applause to the stand-up comedy genius Bill Burr on the second season of F is for Family that is going to be released on Netflix on May 30, 2017. the 6 episodes of the first season were released on Netflix in December of 2015. The show was both critically acclaimed and praised by fans as one of the best sitcoms ever.

The show follows the daily struggles of the Murphy family during the mid 70’s and it’s stomach-achingly funny! The head of the family, Frank Murphy (voiced by Bill Burr) is dropping F-bombs all over the place while trying to keep his family afloat and raise his children properly. If you’ve been listening to Bill Burr’s podcast, you might have known that Frank Murphy is inspired by Bill’s own father (to some extent), which makes the show both hilarious and sincere. If you haven’t seen the first season of it, you are highly recommended! Just check out the trailer for the first season, you’ll get the gist of it:

F is for Family is truly one of the most precious hidden gems in the great variety of Netflix’s high-quality original programming.

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