Eddie Brock Swings Back Into Action As Venom!


April 28, 2017

Not only we are going to see the return of iconic symbiote host Eddie Brock as Venom, but we are also going to see the entire oversized issue drawn by a mega talented artist Tradd Moore. Series writer Mike Costa has collaborated with Tradd Moore to explore the main story of the issue focusing on how exactly Eddie got his symbiote back. Eddie’s relationships with symbiote has always been something extremely complicated, so it is going to be very interesting to see how both characters have evolved and what they might feel after bonding with each other once again. The issue is numbered at 150, which is the number it would have been at if it hadn’t launched, and the story is going to continue the old-new numbering afterwards.

Venom #150 is going to be the first comic book to set the whole Marvel Legacy thing into motion. As you know, Marvel Legacy is Marvel’s attempt at doing a soft reboot (similar to DC’s Rebirth) for their entire universe, which sales-wise is doing very well lately. Apparently, Marvel are going to take the back-to-basic approach and tell new stories about some of their most iconic characters.

VENOM #150 
Written by Mike Costa, Robbie Thompson & David Michelinie
Art by the legendary Tradd Moore, Gerardo Sandoval & Ron Lim
Cover by Gerardo Sandoval 
Artists who worked on Variant Covers include Clayton Crain, Gabrielle Dell’Otto, Adam Kubert, James Stokoe and Skottie Young
Venom #150 is a must-have issue that is going to be available on sale May 24, 2017
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