10 Of The Baddest Dragon Ball Villains


April 3, 2017


He is just like Frieza, but cooler, get it? Actually, he is Frieza’s brother. We got to see him in one of DBZ’s movie special when he came to Earth to avenge his brother’s death. Obviously, he failed, but he got a second chance when he was rebuilt as an army of cyborg clones. You have got to admit that the design for Meta Cooler is absolutely stunning.


This android is a genetic cocktail of the most powerful fighters in the universe. After he had absorbed another two androids, he reached his final, perfect form. He was so confident of his strength that he decided to make a Tournament and broadcast the fighting for everyone to witness his might.

Majin Vegeta

Vegeta had a long history in DBZ. Initially he was a straight up baddie, who was obsessed with destroying Frieza, being all-powerful and so forth. He was also very motivated by Goku’s strength and constantly kept pushing himself. But gradually, over the years, he found himself with a family of his own, he settled down and didn’t progress as rapidly as Goku. Therefore, he allowed the dark wizard to possess his mind but power him up instead. That way he could finally give Goku a beating. While possessed, he actually killed thousands of innocent people.

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