Double Exposure Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Get Inked


April 8, 2017

Tattoo culture is constantly evolves and develops as tattoo artists and tattoo bearers love to experiment with art styles and techniques of tattooing. The art of tattoos has come a long way since its earliest days when ancient warriors were getting inked to instill fear into their enemies to modern day, when it has so many styles and sub-genres that you wouldn’t be able to name all of them. One of the latest tattoo trends that became popular impressively fast is double exposure tattoo. Sure, you might have seen a lot of double exposure artworks before and the famous opening credits for the first season of “True Detective” has blew our minds away. But it certainly adds another layer to the concept when you make a tattoo out of it. We’d like you to feast your eyes on these truly majestic artworks of Andrey Lukovnilov . This fella creates surreal tattoo that will definitely inspire you to book a tattoo appointment with him.

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