Definitive Photos To Prove That Cats And Raccoons Are Basically The Same Thing


April 6, 2017

These animals have won are hearts long time ago, which is entirely understandable, considering how cute these animals are. These furballs are incredibly smart, sneaky and gumptious. Sometimes, they can be equally unpredictable as they are clever, but in any case, they can easily fill your heart up with joy! Everybody loves observing their ridiculous and, sometimes, human-like behavior. And we have noticed a few patterns here and there. These animals seem to have a lot more in common than we initially though they would. Let’s see:

Both of these species are true couch potatoes!

They are true professionals when it comes to selfies.

They seem to find themselves in the most unexpected places.

Before you take out the garbage, just make sure there aren’t any cats or raccoons.

Cats and raccoons can are natural born wall-crawlers.

They are familiar with a concept of taxi.

They are completely indispensable at the kitchen.

Cover them up in a pink towel and the level of cuteness is sky-rocketing!

They cannot hide their emotions.

It’s equally hard to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing.

They know how to really relax on a weekend.

They are the best pets to have around kids.

Both of these animals are true explorers.

They have a very bizarre understanding of what a comfortable pose is.

Both of them can find something valuable in the trash.

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