Deadpool Joins Screen Junkies For Logan Honest Trailer


May 24, 2017

In order to celebrate the digital release of Logan, Screen Junkies have released the Honest Trailer for one of the most successful superhero movies of all time. What’s more is that it is their 200th trailer. Admittedly, it is a hard movie to make fun of, Logan made even the most thick-skinned men cry, that is why the epic voice of Honest Trailers had to call Deadpool I to help him out a bit.

As you know, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman never miss a chance to poke fun at each other, and this time was no exception. Kudos to Screen Junkies for bringing in Ryan Reynolds a.k.a. the Merc with the Mouth for this epic team up. What is even more impressive is that these guys managed to collaborate with Ryan Reynolds not once, but twice! Previously, the man guest-starred as Deadpool for the Deadpool Honest Trailer (so meta)!

Check out the 200th Honest Trailer below. And get those napkins ready, just in case.

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