12 Fairly Well-Known Facts About Deadpool That Will Barely Affect Your Life


May 10, 2017

 5. Deadpool is a copycat to DC’s Deathstroke. Deadpool is a shameless copy. Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson, he’s a gun for hire and a martial arts master. Sounds, familiar? Although, Marvel’s version turned out to be quite humorous while DC’s character is super serious.


6. Deadpool was originally pitched as Spider-Man with guns. That seems like an oversimplification, but that’s how it was. In fact, Deadpool always wanted to be friends with Spidey and, sometimes, he even introduced himself to strangers as Spider-Man.


7. Deadpool has an evil twin. Well, not actually a twin, more of a failed clone situation. The story involves a mad female stalker, who collected Wade’s body parts he lost in battles (considering the many ways his body had suffered, there were lots of them). At certain point Deadpool discovered of that weird fetish and threw “the collection” into the bin. Long story short, these body parts molded into one demented Deadpool knockoff with two right hands.


8. Deadpool needs to thank his best buddy Wolverine for his healing factor. The organization known as Weapon X were experimenting with Logan’s DNA in order to recreate his healing factor and produce a bunch of super soldiers. on volunteers to create the perfect soldier. By the way, Deadpool’s healing factor works a lot faster that Wolverine’s.

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